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Mont-Blanc Naturopathie

Mont-Blanc Naturopathie95 Descente Joseph Marie Couttet
74400 Chamonix-Mont-Blanc

+33(0)6 95 74 56 09
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Naturopathic Practitioner since 2017, I consult in Chamonix or throughout the Arve valley. I also sophrologist, Iridologist and lithothérapeute.

DescriptionI have been practicing as a physiotherapist for over 25 years at the Sancellemoz rehabilitation clinic in Plateau d'Assy (74). Throughout my career, I have been trained in different approaches and techniques to respond to the well-being and health of people.

I am also a relaxologist-sophrologist, which allows me to support both emotionally and psychologically.

Since 2017, I have been a naturopathic practitioner.
Naturopathy is the art of staying or regaining good health, of being an actor in your well-being and of taking care of yourself. It is a philosophy, a science, based on principles that use a methodology, means, tools and practical applications.

I was seduced by the comprehensive and personalized approach she offers, with this concern to seek the causes and origins of a disorder or suffering. Naturopathy is not opposed to allopathic medicine but supports it on various levels by following the path of nature.

Thus, I became a “Health Educator” to allow everyone to take HIS health in hand. As a preventive or curative measure, for children, adolescents, adults, seniors, athletes ... and at all stages of life, Naturopathy is for everyone.

The main indications are (non-exhaustive list):
• Optimize a healthy lifestyle to stay in good health
• Weight problems
• Digestive and transit disorders: constipation, diarrhea, bowel disease, gastroesophageal reflux, stomach pain ...
• Stress, fatigue, overwork, depression, anxiety, nervousness
• Sleep disorder: difficulty falling asleep, insomnia, awakenings and night terrors, nightmares
• Migraine, allergies, osteoarthritis ...
• Skin problems: eczema, acne, psoriasis, shingles, herpes ...
• Repetitive infections: cystitis, sinusitis, bronchitis, arthritis, tendonitis…
• Female disorders: premenstrual syndrome, painful periods, menopause
• Prevention of aging
• End of life support
• Preparation, recovery and nutrition of the athlete
• Support for quitting smoking
• Support for exams, an operation, passing the driving license ... thanks to sophrology
• Support for heavy medical treatment

Like any naturopath, I don’t make any diagnosis, I do not cure (but I participate in improving health) and I am subject to professional secrecy and the code of ethics.

Among the tools available to the naturopath, I offer:

• Food hygiene: "May food be your first medicine" HIPPOCRATE.
It is not a question of diets of all kinds, but of establishing a healthy and quality diet consistent with the needs of our body and our health.

• Mental hygiene and well-being: it no longer needs to be shown that the psyche, the psychological and the emotional have a major impact on our health.
To support people in pain, for the management of stress, anxieties, nervousness, to overcome certain phobias, present or old trauma, mourning ..., I offer relaxation, sophrology, sessions EFT (Emotional Freedoom Technique). Bach Flowers also have interesting potential; I often advise them in synergy.

• Breathing techniques: they are useful in stress management and to refuel.

• Manual techniques: The non-therapeutic well-being massage with vegetable oils provides both physical and psychological comfort.

• Phyto-aromatology: plants, essential oils, gemmotherapy, have very effective active ingredients that I recommend in different galenic forms according to needs.

• Energy techniques: I sometimes use lithotherapy. There is nothing magical about stones, but they are full of minerals, colors and energy that can help you feel better.

The first consultation lasts about 2 hours. It consists of a complete questionnaire (or anamnesis) which makes it possible to establish, together, a general assessment of vitality. It is a real investigation on the physical, nutritional, energetic, emotional, mental, spiritual and socio-cultural levels.

This assessment may be supplemented by a measurement of urine pH, an iridological assessment and an impedance assessment (measurement of fat, muscle and bone mass, hydration rate and caloric needs).

A personalized and adapted program will be set up with precision. Short, medium and long term proposals will be advised. The follow-up will be done by a second consultation within 8/10 days then by telephone contact.

I consult in Chamonix and at home in the Arve valley or via Skype and Whatsapp for people living further away.

I graduated from the Free Faculty of Naturopathy in Dijon, a school affiliated with FENA, the French federation of naturopathic schools.

I am also a member of OMNES (Organization for Natural Medicine and Health Education).

Hope to meet you.
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